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21 June 2007

I have this idea for a movie in my head.
I ussually do :)Well let me correct myself, an adaptation of a book that I am reading. "The tale of the body thief" by Ann Rice. I love her Vampire Chronicles though truthfully I have not read all of them. But the ones I have read I keep reading over and over again. My loves include : "Interview with the Vampire" ( How I love Louis)"The vampire Lestat" (how I love Louis :)"The tale of the body thief" ( how I love the dialogue between Louis and Lestat)
Only for the dialogue between these two do I want this book to me made into a film. I love the way Lestat wants to say so much but never does. He never tells Louis how he cares, loves and needs him, but he never hesitates to annoy Louis. I love the scenes with them both. You read all of Lestat's thoughts, how he loves him and needs him but never says it out loud. Also how he loves to tease him and do things that he knows will annoy him.They seem to have this immature relationship in which neither of the two is fully willing to admit the he needs and truly loves the other.
I especially love the fact that Louis in Lestat's books seems to be the mature one, the one that does not need but only wants. He seems so free. He goes where he pleases, does what he pleases and needs no one. But many do seem to want him. Lestat in this book really wants Louis to be there for him and show him some understanding, but Louis just seems to keep dissapointing him.
My favorite scene in the book is the one in the church, in which they are both sitting in the church. Lestat is trying to restrain himself from killing Louis, as he feels betrayed by him, while Louis just seems so absent to me.They hover around the subject for a second and Lestat seems to jump from the angry scorned lover to being absolute unable to harm Louis or even be truly mad at him.
He does threathen him but he knows he would never be able to harm Louis. I love the way this scene is written. The way Louis just seems so in control of his emotions while Lestat keeps on loosing his cool. The way the scene begins with the question: "You burnt down my house?"And Lestat's reaction to this is absolutely hilarious. I wish this book would be made into a film. I can truly see Milo Ventigmilia portraying the role of Louis. He is gorgeous and can pull of that tormented look with ease. He can be so evil I love him. He would be perfect for the role. For the role of Lestat I am uncertain.
He would have to be a gorgeous bad boy, with rocker looks. I thought of Heath Ledger.But then again I saw Wentworth Miller as Louis also. The part of Louis seems so easy to cast in my mind but that of Lestat? No one seems to come to mind.

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