thinkin too much

19 June 2007

It is something that was said, though the thought behind it will always be unclear to me. My head runs marathons constantly, it holds on to every single word, gesture and change in intonation. The way a person can smile with his/her mouth but the not with their eyes. The way a person aproches me, my mind holds on to every single small detail and just runs around it, over and over again. Will my mind ever be full. So filled with words and slight changes in human behavior that it will just loose its capacity to hold on to anything? Or can this continue without such desastruos effects? The human mind has very large capacity but does not everything have an end, a stop. A point where it just can't take anymore. Will I reach this point if I continue on this way? What will happen to me when/if this happens? Why am I so filled with insignificant thoughts and more significant ones? Why cant I just let go?
Be free, and just breath.
Just breath without thinking of the route the oxygen makes thru my body.
Just breath without worrying if the air I breath is clean.
Just breath without thinking about it.
Just walk without thinking about my every step,
Just be

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