I have "mouse hand"

19 July 2007

In pain again.
Yesterday I walked all late afternoon and night with this pain on my stomache. I have no idea where it came from. First I thought it was from the spaghetti I had eaten, but it lasted too long. B4 I went to bed I had a glass of warm milk and it really helped, but now the pain is back :(.

But that's not the only thing bothering me. Among other things, my arm is hurting. It started at my upper arm(right side) and now has moved down to my wrist and hand. My left hand is fine which is why I think the pain stems from my daily use of my mouse. We recently received special gel mouse pads especially for this, but for some reason this pad is doing me more harm then good. I can't wait for this pain to pass. I can't use my hand the way I need to. Plus I am right handed so I can't really rest my arm any time soon. I can't wait till the vacation :)
I need the rest

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