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24 July 2007

I am listening to the Amy Winehouse album over and over again lately. I love the sound of her voice, the familiarity of the music and I can easily relate to the lyrics. I love her honesty and vulnerability in the songs. The songs tell her story, her fears, wants and needs as a woman and as a human being. I love music like that. Music that words how I am feeling so well that it set me at ease knowing that I am not the only one that is fucked up ;)
It's one of the reasons I love Maria Mena. I listen to the album "Apparantly unaffected" almost as often as "Back to black". The central themes of the songs are very similar on the 2 albums. Only thing is Maria seems a little more vulnerable. Her songs seem heartfelt and honest. The pain is almost palpleble. With Amy Winehouse the feeling is there as well but she seems to be the stronger woman. On both albums the singers tell us about the men in their lives and the bad relationships they keep getting into. Both seem to turn to alcohol for a release though Amy tends to stand up for herself a little more, rather than right herself of. Amy's songs have something positive in them even though most of Maria's songs have more of an upbeat tempo. My favorite songs are:
  • -Me and Mr. Jones- Amy Winehouse
  • -Just hold me - Maria Mena
  • -Wake up alone- Amy Winehouse
  • -Back to black- Amy Winehouse
  • -Our battles- Maria Mena
  • -Internal dialogue- Maria Mena
  • - He's hurting me- Maria Mena
  • -Long time Coming-Maria Mena
  • -Tears dry on their own- Amy Winehouse

I know the kind of music you listen to says something about ur character, but what does this say about me?

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