Stranger in a Strange world

18 July 2007

The anxiety within me seems to be sleaping these days. An overwhelming feelin of tiredness has now taken hold of my body.
I need nothing but sleep, not even food does my body require. Though I hear it call for it often, I cannot will myself to stand up and feed myself. In my mind there is nothing more useless and depressing.

I miss speach. I am filled with all these words and waiting to release them into the world, but I have no reciever. I am surrounded by human beings at all hours of my day and yet I have to receiver. I am alone with my thoughts and my achievements, joys and fears I keep hidden within myself.
Within my very depths I feel this need growing to share, to connect. I feel that disconnect with the world and all its aspects now more than ever. How did I reach this point? Which road did I choose that brought me here, dazed, confused and completely lost?

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