Getting my diploma !!!

28 October 2007

In December(unofficial date) I will be receiving my diploma for my orientation year at school. A really big deal for me, because I worked hella hard for it.
So off course I have to look GREAT!

Searching for that PERFECT dress has been maddening as hell! But I think I have it :)
Isn't this dress just gorgeous:)!
It's from Nordstrom :)

Now I just need to decide how to wear my hair, I wanted to wear it up but my sister is adamantly against that. But I don't want to just wear it down(boring).
So I have decided on wearing it curly/wavy with half pinned up for elegance.
I also need to get the perfect pair of heels to match this outfit and I have less than 2 months :(
I'm gonna drive myself crazy with this.

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