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20 October 2007

I am having a "evaluation" meeting on Monday with the Chief of Operations. I know I have no reason to be scared because all of my reviews have been great!!
I love my job and I am good at it. All that is left to do is become great at it.
The meeting on Monday is about the new Skillset that they have developed and introduced. I already know on which level they have placed me, but now I have to figure out if I deem myself ready to go up a level. I am reading the documentation on the new skillset and it seems to me that I could reach the next level within a few maybe 3-4 months. I am supposed to reach that level within a 6 month period.

What excites me even more is the fact that with this new skillset the salaries will be also change. Right now I am receiving the pay of a beginner it seems. So on Monday(hopefully) I will know the exact figure of my new salary. I honestly can not wait!!!
To me this increase in pay means a lot because with the introduction of the skillset the bonus structure we had in place ceased to exist. Which meant less income for all of us. I hope this salary increase is substantial enough to compensate for this decrease in funds.
I also want to test out my negotiation skills to get whatever amount I will be receiving upgraded at least a amount closest to the amount set as the maximum for my current level.

Wish me luck :)

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LoveMyselfFirst said...

good luck with the meeting with the COO! and thanks for coming by my page.

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