I did good

4 October 2007

It's the time of reflection and evaluation, at work, school and off course self-evaluation.
My 6 month job evaluation(s) went better then ok. My manager was more than happy with my performance, my CoO was so positive about me I didn't wanna believe him:D
The only person who was not so excited about my work and yet gave me a positive review was the boss himself. But I don't work with/see him as often as the other two.
I feel good about what I have achieved. There is still room for improvement but I have come a long way. I will be applying the same technique I use at school to the way I work. The whole "competence developing". I had my list of things I needed to work on and I have improved on all of them.
Here is the new list( I added on a few things I admire in others)
-My attention span
-Communication skills(both written and spoken)
-Decision making

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