I just had a f*cked up morning

29 October 2007

I am soo tired right now, sleepy as hell!

The stupid ass taxidriver came to my house at 4 am instead of 4.45! Aargh!
FYI I have to start work at 5am from now on. Which is hella hard/frustrating but it's better this way for me, because I have more daylight time at home.

Back to my rant: This fool came to my house at 4 am when I was just up and started asking about me. I told him he was too early and this idiot started complaining that he spent I dont care how much time in the wrong street looking for my coworker so he decided to come pick me up. This guy was waaaaaaaaay too early. Nobody was ready yet and he wanted to go home because HE was tired.

Lord give me the strength to deal with stupid people.

It was very obvious that the company that pays him probably pays him up front or pays him just to be there.
Even after I had convinced him to come back for me at a later time he came back still too early.
But I was showered and dressed so....

And I am grumpy, tired and hungry. And yes still angry at this idiotic taxi driver :@

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