I miss Will & Grace

9 October 2007

I watched a rerun today, and it reminded how much fun I used to have with that show :)
I really miss it. All the crazy, over the top characters . Especially Karen, I luv her voice and her always unexpected answers. hahaha
And Will, I loved his sarcasm, dry wit, his cute little insecurities, Him being the responsible one and yet at times turning in to an irresponsible lil teen girl.
I wish I had friends like that, we'd be keeping all our neighbors up with our loud laughter.

I have to say I was a little unhappy with the way the show ended. A little to rushed for my taste, but it is what it is. I always wondered about their relationship. But I never guessed it would have turned out that way. I was a little disappointed in Grace for taking that cheating bastard back. And that she and Will spend so many years apart. But in the end they were the old gang again, which was cute.

I am so buying all the DVD's!!!!!!!!!

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