I will not judge

3 October 2007


I found this article while I was working a few hours ago, after I read some of the comments I just had to be (a lil) ticked off. How there they.
But everyone has the right their own opinion, I may not agree with you but I have no right to silence you for having a opinion different from mine.
The whole debate about homosexuallity to me seams too simple.

I as a Christian believe that God makes no mistakes and creates and loves all of us equally. The bible may state that homosexuality is a sin, but too believe every word of the bible is (in my opinion) being stupid. This book is too contradictory. I know the story about the bible and how it came to be, since I know this I refuse to blindly believe every word written in this book.
The base of my relationship with God is founded purely upon my believe that :
There is a greater power
God loves us all equally
God makes no mistakes,thus you are the way God intended you to be
God says love thy neighbor

Since I believe all this, I have come to the conclusion that it is not my place to judge people. If are gay it doesn't matter. I will not hate for that is a sin. I will not kill for that is also a sin. I will treat you the same way I would any other person. Why?
I am not God, so it is not my place to judge you.
Your life choices are between you and the creator.
It would be a sin for me to judge you, as it would mean I believe God makes mistakes. And I refuse to commit that sin.

I will not judge, for only God can judge

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