Walking on (hella)high heals

7 October 2007

I have this cousin who is absolutely obsessed with shoes. She owns God knows how many pairs. Flats for work and any other place where she knows she does a lot of walking. Heals for parties and just going out. She absolutely knows how to rock her some (hella)high heals, while me on the other hand, I prefer the brazilian heals lol.

I personally have no idea how a person can stand to dance/walk in shoes like that for over 4 hours, I couldn't make it to 2 hours! But I really need to learn to rock a pair. Even if it means blisters :(. Why? Because I worked so hard to get my diploma so Imma gonna hafta look extra fly when I get my diploma handed to me hahahaha!

A week ago I went with a group to a club and in my group we had these 2 girls and they were wearing these super hot (hella) high heals. After about an hour or 2 of dancing we made our way to the VIP area. Which was thankfully empty. And when we got there one of the girls just removed her heals, placed them safely out of the way and danced barefooted lol. I luv her!
I probably would have done the same hahahahahah!!!!!

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