The Britney Spears drama

2 November 2007

What more is there to say about this woman?
It's like she's everywhere lately, newspapers,tabloids and top internet searches. And each time it's for something negative. On a good day it's her (lack of) fashion sense and on a bad day well... you know.
I feel sorry for Britney Spears, her kids and her family.
How did Britney end up here? She was the pop princess the idol. One of the most popular icons in pop culture. Every one knew Britney's songs and her name.
And then she fell from grace. And boy did she fall hard.

Some say they saw it coming. With all her flashy and extremely skimpy clothes. People gossiped about drug use and alcohol abuse long before this recent crash. But how did Britney end up here?
Here where it just all seems to go down hill at astronomical speeds.

Britney seems to be the personification of self destructiveness of human beings.
I look at her and I her self-hate. I pity her, but as a "bubbly person" I honestly still see her rising from this.
Maybe Britney has to hit rock bottom before she can claw her way back to the top.


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