How? Can someone tell me how?

9 November 2007

I just read this post on another blog site about young girls ages 11-12 who were getting pregnant and having abortions.
I was totally shocked!! I mean, these girls are 11-12 years old and are having sex, children and some of them abortions.
I am 20 years old and I'm not having sex.
I read the post and I thought of myself at that age. So young still innocent, I knew older girls(in my class) who had boyfriends but I honestly had nothing but pure thoughts.

But something at that age,changed me forever. I think it is the main reason I have trouble accepting my own sexuality.
The almost rapes of my youth.
After that I was never the same, I hold on to my youth and innocence like I'm holding on to my very last breath.
I don't know if those experiences stunted my psychological growth, I am not trained in that field. But I think it contributed to it.

To my experiences left me scarred, but these girls. They went much farther than then my almost rapes.
How will this effect them later on in life?
The girl that had the abortion at age 12, how will this experience effect her self esteem?
Her future? Her thoughts about her body, commitment, family and her thoughts on having children at a later stage in her life?

I feel for them. And while I type this I can't help but think about the boys they are having sex with. I seriously doubt these boys are the same age as the girls.
Girls mature faster that boys. I'm betting the boys are at least 15 or 16 years old.

What has this world come to?

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1 spoke to me:

Anthony said...

I know! We have a big problem here in the UK with this.

I don't understand it or know the answer :-(

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