My "fashion" school

2 November 2007

It's my first week of school, and Oh my!
Over the summer break my school has turned into to a fashion show.
You should see all the Diva-ness at my school. The girls are rocking the hell outta the skinny jeans and off course in hella!! high heals. Wearing skinny jeans with flats seems to be a foreign concept to them.
Yesterday I was this girl wearing the flyest gear ever.
She had on these silver 9 inch heals, a pair of super tight, low rise skinny jeans with a tight but not too sexy t-shirt. Her belt and bag matched her shoes. In her hair she wore one of those clip on ponies(waist lenght). And her accessories!!! This girl is the personification of all thing diva!
If this is the school wear for these girls and gotta know what they wear when they have to look their hottest!

I am so not even gonna try and keep up, I still can't bring up the nerve to buy a pair of skinny jeans. I have tried on 2-3 pairs, but just wasn't sure. I posed one for my sis and she says I have the figure for it :).
But I think I'll start out with a pair of straight leg jeans. :)


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