Sandra Oh is not sexy

2 November 2007

Well according to Maxim magazine anyways. And me (hides so the Sandra Oh fans can't kill her).
I am a fan of Greys Anatomy and I have to admit I love Sandra's character Christina. She kinda reminds me of my own social retardation :P.
Last season during her engagement with Dr. Burke I loved to see that change in her, eventhough I do love the old Christina Yang, she became this supportive, loving, insecure woman. She became human finally before my eyes.

I loved the confidence she showed in the beginning of the series, especially duirng an episode of Grey's Anatomy when she and Burke had planned a first "date". She tried on a few dresses and made a comment like : "I'm a hot person".
Luved the bitchy Christina confidence!!

At first I thought, off course I don't think she's hot, I'm a girl. But I honestly don't like her bodyshape, her face and that big wavy hair Sandra has.

If it was my hair, I would get it "tamed" post haste. Christina/Sandra also had did "look". The Christina Yang look. Where she would look kinda vulnerable, not so confident, confused and weak. I hated that "look" on her face. But I guess I should also add that I hated her face too:P.
Still do.

But why is Sandra Oh not "hot"?(to me)
-her face(too old and just plain)
-her body shape(boyish)
-her hair(needs to be tamed)

But that's just my opinion :P

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