Yes I am angry

20 December 2007

To say that I am frustrated right now would be a total fucking understatement. What the hell is wrong with people?

Why am I constantly surrounded by incompetent idiots who can not seem to form logical thoughts?

If I lend you my book, it means I lend YOU my book. And yes I am
allowed to get angry when I need it back(and I mean NEED) and you come
up to me with some bullshit like "I just lend it to ...."

What the fuck is your problem?

It's still my book!! This aint no fucking library!

And can someone explain to me why it is so fucking hard to be upfront with people?

I you are so unhappy working with us as a group say what's on your mind. What's the problem?

No body is lazy, we all do our best, we meet the set deadlines, we take
your bullshit. And still you go complaining that your ass is unhappy
with your group situation What's up with that?

The only the reason I can think up why you can't just say what's on
your mind, is because you know you are wrong and stupid. Something
that's totally on you and not on us. So if you are unhappy in the
group, FUCK OFF!!

You will not be missed!

And lastly to the people who have a problem with me and just don't have the cajones to say it to my face. FUCK YOU!!

Get your head right! And off course grow a fucking pair idiots!

Sincerely Shanti

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