The 2007 review, pop culture style!

15 January 2008

  1. Quote to describe the year: "It's Britney, Bitch!" (don't forget to giggle)
    What do you mean why? Did you live under a rock last year? This woman was everywhere, everyday, doing everything wrong. She was the topic of most conversations. And the most popular internet topic all year long.

  2. Theme song of 2007: Gimme more
    It was a year of excesses. More paparazzi craziness, more celebrity craziness, more booze, more drugs, multiple rehab stints, more kids/pregnancies, more stupidity, more crotch shots, more extensions, more "leaked" pictures, more sex, etc.

    Just more of everything. Who ever thought going to rehab and getting pregnant would ever be a trend? Being hyper promiscuous?
    Lindsey Lohan showed the world's bachelors how it's done in December. She shagged at LEAST 3 guys in one "short" trip abroad.
    And the paparazzi? Not only were they everywhere snapping literally everything that breathe like a celebrity, they weren't the hunters we are used to. Suddenly they became the hunted as well. Which I can understand, I would have ran them all over with my car if one just looked at me the wrong way(I don't like nosy people)

  3. Theme of the year: The death of social norms and selfworth.

    I still cannot believe that todays celebs took showing "a little" skin that far. Showing of their vajayjay's like it was for sale or something.

    Leaving the house looking like a hotmess became a standard for some. With all the money they make some people still could not afford a decent pair of pants, a stylist, some good hair-extensions or a gym membership for that matter. But we all know how hella expensive that is, right? I mean that's why most of us walk around half naked most of the time, right?

    I may be old, but there was a time, when people spent 80% of their time thinking about their reps. I guess the whole "Live your life stop caring about what others think of you" sunk in. The people that kept saying that "see what you did!"

  4. What's left for the new year?:
    Off course after such a hectic year of attention craving, making a fool of ones self and using rehab centers as day spa's, one would have to save the best for last. A surprise new member was added to the slutclub. Jamie Lynne Spears had to get some of that attention for herself. Because she couldn't stand that it was just "Britney!, Britney!, Britney!"(think Brady Bunch sibling rivalry). The girl got herself pregnant. Britney gave her that one, and used her big gun to ring in the new year, showing her little sister how it's done.

All in all it was a pretty entertaining year. I wonder what the new year will bring me. More Britney drama? Jamie Lynne's parenting skills? Lynne's book on parenting? More crotch shots but this time from the guys? More fashion mistakes? More poor celebrities who can't afford to buy themselves some sense?
It's January, so I guess I have to wait and say.

2 spoke to me:

penpusher said...

2007 was one hell of a year wasn't it?!

Here's to 2008, hopefully no more Britney dramas (seriously, that girl really needs help!)

Have a good one! :)

peterahon said...

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