Giving thanks, your way

3 January 2008

During the holidays we ussually think about the things we have and the things we are thankful for. I recently started writing my thank you's.
I found all these different sites that really try to get you to focus on your blessings. And also share your thank you list with the world.

Sitting here I had to think about the different thank you list that people write. Your personality I guess has the largest influence on what you are thankful for.
Like take for instance a blogger who writes down being thankful for all his/her accomplishments and compare this blogger to someone else who writes a list of thanks that consists of thinks like : thank you for my friends and the love of my family.

These two people value very different things in their lives, or maybe they just don't have that to be thankful for.

But my question is : which would you rather be? The blogger who is thankful for the friends, the support and love or the blogger that is thankful for the job, the raise and promotion?

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1 spoke to me:

Lena said...

you know i believe your job, your achievements, your material possessions are only the result of your hard work which would be impossible without the help of friends and family. So why to be thankful for these material things if you have something more than that - care and love of very special people.

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