Goals for 2008

11 January 2008

Yes I have been down lately.
I have retreated into this small hole, I am only half-heartedly trying to escape.
It really does seem that things refuse to go my way. I am tired. No I am lazy.
I don't know how I got here, I just am. Getting out of this rut seems so hard. I hate that it feels so hard.

I have been trying to reawaken the happy in me. Which is harder than I initially expected. But I refuse to give up. I have started formulating my goals for next year, seeing as I did so well with my set goals for 2007.
So here goes(in random order btw):
1. A lot less procrastinating
2. Get a day plan in order
3. Be a lot more pro-active
4. Be more expressive
5. Be more vocal
6. Be less of a pessimist
7. Keep my grades up
8. Reach my next level at work
9. Reach that next level at school

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