I love "Eating Out"

25 January 2008

Ok, I have a new favorite celebration of stupidity movie "Eating out2 Sloppy Seconds".
Eating out1 is ok, but Sloppy Seconds I waaaaaaaay more fun. The newly formed three musketeers who all have one goal "getting troy into bed". And troy is really that hot.

While I enjoyed watching Eating out, Sloppy seconds out did it's predecessor in terms of acting skill, cute actors and dialog. The one liners in this movie and the way the characters interact with each other, that was the main reason for me liking it so much.
And the new actor who played Marc was much more believable and cuter. The way he played him made much more sense. He made him cocky, horny and yet so lovable.
But Tiffani was definitely my favorite character in this film, because she had the best lines. In third place I have Gwen, just because she is totally fucked up(but in a good way).

The plot still didn't make complete sense to me, but who cares with lines like:
Tiffani:(when troy) I wanna hit that harder than Ike hit Tina.
Kyle: I wanna be wrapped in his arms forever and ever.
Gwen Anderson: I wanna see him get it on with his boyfriend.
Kyle: You think he's gay?
Gwen Anderson: Does Whitney want crack?

and off course :
Kyle: I ate pussy for nothing?

and my all time favorite:
Tiffani: My pussy scared him away.

So go watch the movie!!

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