It could be worse

3 January 2008

During my short life I have experienced a few things that made me turn into the hermit I am today.

But looking back on those moments as terrifying as they are and were sometimes it does dawn on me that it could have been worse.

I could have been raped and murdered that day I was kidnapped.

I could have been kidnapped again if I wasn't so close to home that second time

I could have been raped as a small child by my uncle end cousins who all tried to have their way with me

I could have been beaten to death my mom and grandmother that day

I could have been killed that day I got hit by a car

I could have never found my way back home that day when I wandered the streets so lost

It could have been so much worse for me.

I have no right to complain really, I know people who have had it
worse. Who have experienced much worse and have never let it take
control of their mind and life.

My friend who at age 17 took a bullet for her mother when her father
tried to kill her. He still shot her mother and then killed himself.
The day of his funeral she spend in a hospital bed, she shared a room
with her mother.

Yet those two women still smile. I remember going to the hospital to
visit them. Instead of us comforting and entertaining them they were
playing the party hosts :).

They were all smiles and laughter, talking about anything and keeping
their guests entertained like it was a party in their room.

That same year that girl broke up with her boyfriend. A year later her
house burnt down. They had no place to go because they could not stay
with family(problems, problems). They found a place and are doing ok.

That girl is in college now, she always greets people with a smile.

I have so much respect for her and her mother. Their strength, their
will, the way they did not that let event control their lives, or end
it. I think the main reason they both survived it because of that.

They both have so much life in them, one bullet can't take it all away ,

Blessed be

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