My review of a Fine frenzy

25 January 2008

I recently downloaded One cell in the sea. The artist "a fine frenzy" sounds similar to Maria Mena, but still the songs of the album have not been able to hold my attention. The only songs that are memorable to me right now are : Ashes and Wine anf Almost Lover.
I have Almost Lover on repeat right now, I am absolutely addicted to this song. I know the lyrics by heart by now I think.
The song souns so very familiar to me, but I still don't know how and why.
At first I thought it was a coversong. But I have not been able to find info on the net to support my theory.
There is something so mystic about the song. I keep making a video for it in my mind. I keep changing it up every time I listen to it. But the concept always stays the same.
It starts witha slow dance, beautiful and graceful, with flashes of the couple making love.
The morning after and one is getting dressed and leaves, while the other pretends to still be sleeping. When the door closes behind the one who leaves, the other stands up and with a bedsheet around her, she stands in the doorway of the bedroom, her back against the wall she breaks down crying. Slowly falls to the floor and cries there.
And all through out the video they show a close up of the artist performing this song. The mostly show her fingers on the piano or her mouth as she is mouthing the words.

To me this song is beautiful, intimate, private and so romantic yet so heartbreakingly sad. It's calming and yet it's the song I would listen to after a harsh break up.
I love it.

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Syari said...

Does the song means something in your life??

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