Why is firefox being such a bitch?

16 January 2008

I am getting sick and tired of my firefox browser. It's hella slow,
keeps crashing, seems to be allergic to popup windows and sometimes
blatantly refuses to let me click on ANYTHING!

I used to love this browser, especially after the crapola that was IE. And now Firefox is giving me this.

What the hell happened?

I don't have 100's of plug ins like most do, I don't open 10-20 tabs at
once. But still it starts up too slowly. Chooses which sites it will
and will not load. Sometimes browsers disappear. If I click on a link
that happens to open up in a small popup window Oh god!!! it all goes
to hell. Either it just disappears, doesn't load or just crashes
Firefox entirely.

Using the download window is really starting to annoy me as well. If I
click to open the items either they just don't open or I have to wait a
lifetime for a small word file to load.

And most recently the file didn't load and my firefox crashed on me.

Why oh why is this happening?

I do my virus scans, I remove the crap that attaches itself to my pc regularly. And still I get this :(

I need a new browser

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3 spoke to me:

Colin King said...

Same has happened to me recently, so much so that I have dropped FF and gone with Flock. See my post at:

Angelika said...

It IS hella slow!

But I'm too lazy to look for a different browser, LOL.

Just stopping by because I noticed your link on my blog. :-)

JoeTech.com said...

I have to defend FF a little. I have the absolute latest versions of FF and IE and I have no problems. Firefox does take a few seconds to load, but other than that, it's fine. I regularly open 50+ sites at once, and it takes a while, as should be expected, but still works.


If Colin says flock, I think I'll try out Flock and see how it goes.

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