Another Blog contest, win 300 entrecard credits

25 February 2008

I have decided to start my own entrecard contest. This will be the first of many. I have been tossing around this idea for some time but never took that final step untill now.

So what's the contest:
Write a blogpost
Well the theme for the post is this "I contend that this was not the devil's greatest trick. Far from it. In terms of sheer audacity there's a trick more devious, one with far-reaching and long-term implications, whose sleight of hand consistently produces deadly and dastardly results! The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that god exists, that there's life-after-death, heaven and hell, a victorious reward for the righteous, an eternal and retributive judgment for everyone else."
Do you agree, disagree? Take it where you want, as long as you stay on topic.
Duration: March 1st till May 1st 2008
Rule:Link back to this post on your blog
How to enter: Place the url to your post in the comments. If your post is approved it will be posted below in a list.

What are the winnings:
- 300 entrecard credits(winner)
- a link to your blog for 3 months(winner)
- free traffic for the time the link to your post is on my site(participants)

So bloggers the floor is yours

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