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25 February 2008

To blog and to read blogs. I have found the most interesting blog posts, most of them teach you something new, or just show you a different perspective.
I think I'm addicted to this site. The funniest and most informative vids are on here. I love the movie clips and also the fact that some shows and movies are also uploaded.
What I love the most about this site I think are the fanmade music video's most of them feature movie and tv characters, and off course the vids on the random silliness:). Youtube gets me on the floor laughing most of the time, I love it. And off course it is a great site to find new talent. There are a lot of artists doing their own versions of popular songs, ussually their cover sounds so much better.
I have 3 email accounts that I use(I created more but I never use them) but Yahoo is my favorite. I forward my Gmail to yahoo and I hardly ever open my hotmailaccount. I love my Yahoo account. Especially the new version that allows me to chat while reading my emails :)
4.Stumble upon
Site surfin rocks !!
I'm still experimenting with this tool. Trying to find out how to drive traffic to my blog, how it works etc. I find the most interesting sites while stumbling, it's also a little addictive.
I get most of my traffic from this site. Not only do I use it to drive traffic to my blog I also love reading the many blogs on there.
Absolutely essential @ work, @ home and off course @ play.
All my favorite blog feeds are on here. I check it twice a day.
Nuff said
Great stats tool, great widgets, great blogs.
Take your desktop with you where ever you go

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Jojo said...

Very busy... I like to go to Blogcatalog, google, blogger, entrecard, linkreferral and project wonderful. Wow! I am pretty busy, too.

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