Love/hate the need to sleep

18 February 2008

My sleeping paterns keep changing on me. Duh!!
For a time my bed was my haven. I would lay down and fall asleep pretty easily. And then it changed, I just couldn't fall asleep. My bed felt different, no longer like a haven. No longer comfortable. I would twist and turn and not fall asleep for hours. I missed the peace that previously enjoyed when putting my head down on my pillow.
But what had changed?
It was the same bed, I hadn't changed my mattress, I hadn't even flipped it over, and yet all of the sudden I couldn't enjoy my bed any more.
What had happened?
Well for starters I was stressing myself with silly things, like I always do. I needed to adjust to waking up a little earlier and also going to bed a little earlier. But that never bothered me before. I would get sleepy around 8 o clock.
But not anymore.

Not being able to get the same peace I would previously get from laying my head down was making irritable, I couldn't concentrate, I was tired all the time, depressed and feeling like crap. I missed my haven.

And then all of the sudden I found myself again.
I can't pinpoint when exactly it all changed for the better, but my haven returned to me. Maybe because I was no longer looking forward to sleeping and thus keeping busy for as long as possible. Maybe because my mind got so stressed that the moment I would lie down I just shut down.
I don't really care I'm just happy I can sleep again.
My bed feels just right again.

2 spoke to me:

Heather said...

Good to hear you've regained your peaceful sleep! I've gone through times like that, too, and it's extremely frustrating. Our bed should be a haven!

keith hillman said...

I've never had trouble sleeping. Now waking up - that's a real problem!

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