No fridge space

10 February 2008

I used to have a huge fridge. Well I needed one, we kept a lot of stuff, mostly my grandma. She can't throw things away, so we would occasionally find something rotten in the fridg (ew!).
But when our old fridge broke down we had to get a new one.
My mom's boyfriend wanted to play the hero and bought a cute new fridge. And I am not being unappreciative but the new fridge is waaaay too small. There isn't enough room for out stuff!
I miss the old fridge. There is no use complaining about the fridge, cause it's allready here, and buying a new one now would be kinda stupid. So we are suffering through the stupidity of "he who shall not be named".
And yes this annoys the heck outta me. I don't have a lot of stuff, but when I need fridge space it's always a problem and I hate that.
I hate having to go through all the crap "the others" put in the fridge just to store a box a juice, or my yogurt.
But there's nothing I can do about it now he?
I can't afford a new fridge and I don't have the room for even a small one. So I'm suffering through it.*sigh

7 spoke to me:

myrtle beached whale said...

Did I read that wrong or did you keep your grandma in the fridge? "we kept a lot of stuff, mostly my grandma" LOL

Cricket's Hearth said...

Hmmm . . . I never heard of looking a gift refrigerator in the mouth. LOL

Shanti said...

yeah u read that wrong hahaha:)
We never kept grandma in the fridge;)

tumblewords said...

When once my fridge stopped working in the middle of the summer, I would have been delighted to have a smaller one - And if it ever stops working again... Cute post.

Heather said...

LOL about Grandma. I read it that way, too, at first, and I was all set for one dark and twisted story. But I quickly realized that wasn't what you meant!

Good luck with that new 'lil fridge!

Shanti said...

LOL@ heather.
Maybe I'll try something dark in a future post, just for you:)

keith hillman said...

Lovely piece. Poor grandma though.

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