No TV makes me go crazy!

1 February 2008

The writers strike is really starting to annoy me. Why?
Isn't it obvious? No new shows!!!! And like the title says no tv makes me go crazy.

I can't believe they are taking so long to reach an agreement. I can't believe they let this whole ordeal get so out of hand.
Almost all my shows have either run out of new episodes or are airing what little episodes they have left sparingly.
I hate this.
And even worse after the strike is finally over what will happen then?
We wait some more off course.
We wait while they write new material, we wait while they shoot new episodes, and wait for the networks to decide when to actually air them.
I hate this. At this rate I wont be seeing any new episodes of my favorite tv-shows till April-May. And that's me being optimistic!

I miss my shows:(
I miss:
Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters(just show the last 2 eps all ready. I mean damn!!)
Grey's Anatomy (well not so much, it was starting to suck anyway)
Ugly Betty
I am living off reruns and I am honestly developing an aversion towards these shows because of them.
I need new episodes.

What I am most afraid off actually is how will the strike effect the story/character arcs?
Will they write around the hiatus? Will they do time-jumps and show flash backs to stay on track? Or will they still write/produce the requested amount of episodes(which offcourse means the season will be extended yay!)

All I know is: I want the strike to be over, and I want new shows on tv. I am sick and tired of reruns and the stupid shit they are showing now.
I never thought I would grow weary of American Idol until I finally did.
I know my tv misses me, but I just can't bring myself to even look at it.
I spent my time reading blogs and waiting clips of my shows on you tube.
It's all I can do to pass the time:(
What about you?

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