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22 February 2008

I need to get this out of my system.
I wish I had friends in high places. You know writer friends, so I could drop idea's for shows like every now and then you know? hehe
Right now for some reason I am really missing my favorite serie of all time. It was butchered and canceled a few years ago, but the episodes and seasons that made me fall in love with it are still there in my mind.
I'm talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I made my first site dedicated to this show. I learned HTML just to be able to maintain my fansite :).
I hated what the writers did to the show in the end. The dialog which was one of the main reasons I loved the show changed so drastically when the "scoobies" left High school. it's like the writers got stupider the moment Buffy got to college. The whole Riley story arch made me hate watching the show. After a while I just couldn't bring myself to watch any more. My favorite characters were no longer there. So I closed the site and never looked back. I have never seen the last episodes so I don't really know how and when the series ended. Who survived and who died.

I think because I feel the writers butchered what was one of the greatest teen drama/comedy on tv that I want to bring back some sense of Buffy. The old Buffy. The High school version. Plus I miss my demon oriented series.

My idea was that they could start a series around one of the slayers. There are tons of them right now. So why not. She gets her powers and gets a watcher. But her watcher isn't the stuffy British guy Buffy got(even though I loved Giles) but an American unorthodox half demon. A guy in his 30's, with Giles/Wilow's knowledge of all things demonic, Spike's dry sense of humor, Dark and mysterious like Angel, with an evil past to him.
Someone who is brutally honest but still likable.

The slayer. I want the series set in a college setting, because all the high school drama gets old very quickly. And I want the slayer not to be placed into a certain box, you know chearleader, outcast, popular. I want her to be just a girl. Trying to find herself. A little insecure but learning to trust her abilities not just as a slayer but also as a person and a young woman.

The gang. Every slayer need her "scoobies" to keep her grounded. I want her to have a group similar to what Buffy had.
A joker like Xander, a gothic wiccan and someone normal, a friend she's had like forever. You know the one who helps just by being there.

The thing I miss most from Buffy, is the love she and Angel had. The scenes between them were incredible. Those 2 had amazing chemistry. But I think this slayer could have a one sided crush on her older watcher.
And her watcher has a lover in his past he never talks about. But she makes appearances every now and then. She's distant and gives a little and then takes it back. Every time she leaves he's heartbroken again. And this love triangle could be just beneath the surface.

I can see amazing fight sequences in my head. Swords, stakes and every other weapon I saw on BTVS. I wish they would make a series like this.

But what do you think? Would you watch a series like this? What would you change? Who would you cast?

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Cromely said...

The first year of college with Riley and ADAM was just atrocious, but it seemed like the show found its footing again after that, despite the addition of Dawn.

I did like what they did with Andrew when he showed up in Angel.

I'm actually interested in the new show Joss Whedon is talking about doing with Eliza Dushku where she plays a character who gets a new personality each week. I'm not sure where that is in the development cycle though.

SupComTabz said...

If you're missing Buffy - you might enjoy our podcast audio drama Buffy Between the Lines.


(I came across this on StumbleUpon!)

Shanti said...

thanks for the link, comment and visit :)

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