Waiting on the strike to end and my concerns for Ms. Spears

7 February 2008

I am getting sick and tired of the news.

Yes I am still bitching about the strike. I have been reading articles
stating that the end of the writers strike is near. Stating that
contracts would be signed this week, I know nothing was solid, but
still I got my hopes up you know.

And now, whenever I google the writers strike I keep reading they are
heading in the direction and the end in near, they feature interviews
with actors and how they spent their "free time", and a whole bunch of
columns about how the strike needs to end now and what the post strike
season could look like.

I feel like they are dangling food in front of us but never feeding us, even though they know we are starving.

I think they take a sick pleasure out of torturing us loyal fans. I
really do. I have been watching my episodes on old dvd's and youtube
(where would I be without you my love). But I am going crazy here!! I
want new shows and want them now!

In other news: Brit Brit was released from the hospital and her parents
are scared of what she will do to herself. And in all honesty so am I. Every time I go to check my mail I check the day's headlines, ussually
there's a story on Britney Spears. I honestly keep expecting them to
write the same headline they wrote for Heath Ledger. You know the
"found dead" one.

Don't get me wrong I don't wish her dead, I'm just scared for her. So
scared for her and her kids. I wish I could help her, I wish someone
would help her. But it seams like she is surrounded by people who just
want to take advantage of her mental state. I feel really sorry for her.

I keep hoping things will pick up, that she'll get the help she needs and get better.

That she will find a guy who loves her and wants to take care of her,
that she will get to see her kids again, have a good relationship with
her family and just be ok.

I hate to see a person just break the way she did, and she is still so young. She has so much more living to do.

Or at least I hope she does.

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