Dissatisfied with Blogger, or is it that I want to much?

19 March 2008

I'm a little confused.
I need advice.
But how to word my discontent?
I need more freedom. I need more freedom on blogspot. I hate the XML templates but I love the widgets.

What I need:
-I want my own blog but I need the freedom to create my own designs.
-I design using HTML not XML, so I cannot code my blogdesigns.
-I love the widgets but I hate that I need to reinstall all my widgets whenever I change my blog template

What are my options? Can I have a blog where I have complete freedom over how it looks while still having the simplicity and usuability as working with blogger?
I want to be able to itegrate widgets into it's design as wel. Is this at all possible?
Do I need to buy my own domain to get this? Or is there a cheaper(free) road that I can travel?

2 spoke to me:

Ty Hurd said...

I would suggest Wordpress. You could use the free version at wordpress.com, but for complete freedom you'll need you own domain and the stand alone version at wordpress.org

Curt said...

I agree with Ty on WordPress. I use it and love it.

I also recommend your own domain. It really isn't all that expensive.

It's a pain to change, but you'll be glad you did when you're up and running again!

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