The downside of sobriety

25 March 2008

I need a drink(or two), desperately. I need to be wasted right now.
The world is a lot more tolerable while drunk.
People seems a lot less stupid and suicidal.
Life seems a lot less tedious.
Work seems a lot more fun.
All the shit of the day no longer bothers me, and the next day it's all forgotten.
I could make a total fool of myself and not care.
Do what I want, when I want and have no fear.
Stop caring about the perceptions of others, the damage to my reputation.

There are just countless situations when one just must not be sober.
-A hella long work meeting about what the employers want from you and what you want from your employer.
-Meeting your in laws
-During, before and after a break up
-While watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy(if the cast is allowed to act while stoned, I can watch while drunk)
-While discussing school projects with my annoying team mates
-During meetings with school mates over our schoolprojects
-While choosing who to work with to finish important projects(same results anyways only less painful for me)
-While listening to my mother's logic on dating and life
-While listening to my manager's logic on business and life
-While listening to my Uncle's (unsolicited) advice and logic on life in general and his criticism on all I am doing wrong(and yes I do everything wrong)
-While deciding how to spend my cash(that way I can blame it on the alcohol)
-While making important life decisions(Blame it on the alcohol)
-When I want to cure my insomnia
-When dealing with teens
-When dealing with old people
-When dealing with people in general
-When sober

I'm sure there's an upside to sobriety, I'll add those another day but right I really need a drink

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Justin said...

Haha I love the post! At least I am not the only one that writes about drinking, especially on weekdays.

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