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6 March 2008

A list of upcoming movie adaptations that the writers thinks should not be made. I have to admit that I agree with most of the choices. I mean what a movie about the Sims? What the hell! The 1 st person to think up a plot that is actually doable gets 100 ec's from me.8 Upcoming Movie Adaptations That Must Be Stopped

For the Anti socials among us (meaning me :))

Great tool to check your sites stats. Check how many of your pages are indexed by the mayor search engines (google, msn, yahoo), check your backlinks and social bookmarks. I don't think is 100% acurate but I it's a great way for me to check my backlinks.

A great post I think every blog reader will agree with and every blogger should read. So spread the word.
7 Deadly Blog Sins

A Windows vista rant, well kinda lol.

A powerful blogpost about homophobia
Leave This Home, Homos

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Hey there! I am the owner of jen.honey-babe.net, I am still looking for blogs to ex-lonks with! :D

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