I'm giving away 800 ec's

11 March 2008

I have been searching the web and I keep coming across hundreds and I do mean hundreds of entrecard related contests. Personally I have joined maybe 3 because of my own laziness :).
But all these contests did get me excited about starting another entrecard contest. Although this one will be a bit different.
I have a bunch of entrecard credits that I want to dispose of. So I thought I would give them away :).
But off course to get my candy you have to do something in return:
-Link to my site and leave a comment on this post so I can check (1 entry)
-Add my blog to your entrecard favorites (1 entry)
-Write a review about my give away and link to this post(2 entries)

And what are your winnings? Well as the title says: 800 entrecard credits
The winner will be announced on April 20 2008 (after all my exams)and will be picked randomly.
So please feel free to join :)

1 spoke to me:

Lady Rose said...

hi just letting you know I posted about your contest here:

And adding you to my favorites

Have a great day!

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