Is religion in itself evil or is it the way we interpret it?

12 March 2008

"Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy”

I mean within every human being is that innate desire to harm others and do things that we know are "evil".
It is human nature to want to dominate and control others (no this is not singularly a male characteristic).
Is it that we with our human nature turned something so pure and good into something horrific?
I often wonder if this is the way God wants to be worshiped, or if God even wants to be worshiped.
Would God accept a man into heaven who spent a large portion of his life making those around him feel inferior, ashamed and unworthy of love and did all of this in the name of God?
I never understood this, why some seem compelled to punish others for the way God made them and yet they spout that God has no flaws and everything he makes is perfect. Do they not see that they are contradicting themselves and even worse that are disrespecting the God they claim to worship.l
Does God condone killing in His name?
Harming others in His name?
His son died to forgive the sins of others and yet we who claim to worship him can't seem to even dissect the meaning of forgiveness.
All we know is divide and control through fear and hate. And we tell ourselves that we are doing it in the name of God.
Do they not realize that this is against all Jesus tried to teach them?
What do you think?

2 spoke to me:

Stephan Miller said...

I have studied a lot of religions way back into history. The way I see it is that all the dogmas, ceremonies and rules are the "wax on, wax off" part of religion meant as tools to get you to enlightenment, but not hard and fast truths.
When people use the dogmas as ends in themselves or even worse, wrap the dogmas around their own prejudices, the religion is evil.

Curt said...

To answer the question in the post's title, yes in some cases! Some religions are so man made and driven that they are definitely evil.

They have gotten so twisted with dos and don'ts created to serve their own purpose, they've lost sight of the actual Word.

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