What is your view on Sally Kern's hate speech?

13 March 2008

The infamous words : "I honestly think [homosexuality is] the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam - which I think is a big threat, OK? Cause what's happening now is they are going after, in schools, two-year olds...And this stuff is deadly, and it’s spreading, and it will destroy our young people, it will destroy this nation."

Please read this letter to Sally Kern

Credit : louche mustachio : It's really disturbing that someone in a position of political responsibility and visibility feels empowered to display this kind of hatred so openly. Where she comes form, what her religious beliefs are, have little to do with it - this sort of virulent homophobia is well represented everywhere. The fact that it influences and shapes public policy is a shame and a disgrace. It's couched in terms of "faith" and "morality," but those are a feeble cover for something that is far, far away from either of those things. I have seen what homophobia does to people, seen the actions it supposedly justifies, and there is nothing moral or Godly about it. She flat out doesn't think that homosexuals are human beings, doesn't believe they should be treated like human beings, doesn't believe that the should be extended the basic rights that others have. She's far from alone - a lot of our lawmakers believe and explicitly state similar sentiments, and vote and legislate accordingly.

She says it's dangerous for her to say what she's saying. Probably feels like she's being persecuted for her "belief." Sally, your belief may earn you censure and a shaming, but it's not going to result in you losing your job, losing your children, being denied medical care, being arrested, or being beaten to death.

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BadEvan said...

This was the comment I left on the EntreCard Forum about your post.

Ok, the gay blogger speaks...a hush falls over the crowd.

Many should know how I feel about things like this. But for those that don't or are new here...I don't like the idea of everyone liking me. I don't like every one, so I don't care when others dislike me. You shouldn't force people to get along. I don't think my life, choices, and desires should be forced on anyone. As another's shouldn't be forced on me.

This is a free country. Mrs. Kern has the right not only to her opinion but the right to voice it as well. I cherish that right. As should all Americans and all bloggers, too.

As far as her direct statement...Well, I have to give her props for having the balls to make such a statement to a national audience. When people feel strongly about something they should speak up.

I have seen many things change over the past 15 yrs. Most for the benefit of the GLBT community. While "hate" crimes may be on the rise there are more people comfortable coming out in their towns and cities, schools and offices than ever before. Side note: Hate crimes statistics have officially been gathered for only the past 20 yrs.

in closing...social policy and morality shouldn't be set by our government or our schools, but by us in our homes and communities. Don't hate the hate. Don't fight the hate. Give your children examples of the kind of person you hope them to be.

Poor child said...

great! thanks very much for sharing!

levian said...

to me, i think everyone have their freedom to choose. gay or straight, what's the difference ?? its our own choice anyway. who are you to say that i'm wrong ?? geez, i guess she has to grow up n get over herself. XD

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