Autorun problems with USB drives

2 April 2008

I have recently been having some problems with my usb drives(yep all 3 of them).
I immediately decided that the root of the problem had to be virus related.
What problem?
My autoplay feature was not functioning and when I tried to open my usb drives through "my computer" I got this popup

The only way I could access my usb drives was through the address bar. After a while it became not only tedious but also apparent that I needed to find a solution to this problem before it got worse.
I didn't really have files on my usb's that I could never recover again since I store of my files online anyways, but still.

I plugged my usb's in my work computer and did a virus scan. The anti virus progy at work is far more superior to the one I have at home. Usually it sees viruses that my at home computer doesn't see.
I know this because I scan my usb's whenever I plug them in at home and usually they are virus free, but when I plug them in at work I always find Trojans and worms.
Using the anti virus progy at work I deleted all the viruses I found on all 3 usb's.
Experience had taught me that this was not enough, so I was not surprised that this did not alleviate my start up problems.

So I did some research on Google and found the root of the problem: Autorun.*

I decided to do the following:
-Stop wscript.exe process in the Task manager
-Open command prompt : Start>Run>Type in "CMD">OK
-Type the following command one by one followed by hitting Enter key:
del c:\autorun.* /f /s /q /a
c is the name of the Windows drive. I do this for C,D, F,E and all other drives on my PC. (It can take some time to finish on the C-drive)

Basically what this command does is delete the autorun files in the aforementioned Drive.
This remedied my startup problem immediately :)

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Maggie said...

Thanks for writing this.

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