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3 April 2008

Every now and then I find a song that touches my soul in unexpected ways. Not long ago it was "de Waarheid" by Marco Borsato. A song about leaving the person who loves you but you don't love them. You can hear the hurt in the singer about letting his lover down, knowing that she has done nothing wrong but love him and he has slowly fallen out of love with her. How do you tell someone this, how can you explain that to someone who have given you their all that you can't bring yourself to give them the love they deserve.

Right now I feel there few artists that put real emotion into their music, most of the artists that do are also not exactly popular. They are the artists you stumble upon by accident or through referral.

I'm talking about artists like Sia who sang the beautiful song Breath Me. I first heard this song while watching one of my favorite soaps. Her song was playing in the background. So I did some searching and found the song in a promo and the ending scene for Six feet under. That scene had me in tears and the song was branded into my brain.

I think the reason I love this song so much is because it addresses feelings I have had too many times. Wanting to be held, feeling lonely, making the same mistakes again and again and feeling like I am falling so deep into nothing but darkness.

The lyrics remind of a Maria Mena song; Maria Mena’s songs have that same depressing tone. Loneliness and insecurity are recurring themes in her songs. Maria Mena possesses the same talent to put raw emotion into her songs.

The lyrics of these artists seem so simplistic but I think that is a intentional part of it. Making a beautiful song out of those few and simple words, using your voice as your only instrument. Not relying on the music or pretty sentences, using just your voice. Hitting specific words a certain way. Making it personal and pure.

Maria Mena's songs usually reflect being Marco Borsato's (the aforementioned singer) victim. She's the one who gave her all and got rejection from a man who could not love her. Her songs reflect the pain after the break up, all the feelings of not only loneliness but also the insecurity and wanting a second chance (Sorry, Just hold me).

Most of the songs that I have listed center around a dilemma or some sad occurrence as it seems very rare to find a song that is truthful and lays the true emotions of the artist bare in the way that it is sung. And the way the words are chosen.

One artist that can sing a love song that will have you in tears in Bjork. Her lyrics are sometimes so simple that all you have is the raw emotion that she puts into her music. She likes to experiment with sound keeping it so simple sometimes that the song is not about the words, not about the music that leads it but about the way she sings it, her intonation, it's no longer about the song but about how she sings it. Even if the lyrics are in a different language or seem like they don't add up you know what she is singing about. Because you can feel her emotions flow through.

Don’t know what I am talking about, listen to these songs:
Pagan Poetry - Bjork
All is full of love - Bjork
Breathe me – Sia
Possibly Maybe – Bjork
Hidden Place – Bjork
Foolish Games – Jewel
I miss your love – Maria Mena
Sorry – Maria Mena
Just hold me- Maria Mena
Our Battles – Maria Mena
De Waarheid - Marco Borsato (dutch)
Black hole sun – Chris Cornell
Billie Jean – Chris Cornell

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