A fan's Outline for Torchwood season 3

15 April 2008

Complete revamp, no more monster of the week nonsense but one main plot with character driven episodes thrown in.

Location: No longer the Hub, Move the Torchwood Team (TT) to a bigger/better location.
Jack has screwed up on mass scale with Abbados and Capt John blowing the hell outta Cardiff as such I think the Torchwood Uber-head is completely warranted to step in and demand that Jack and what's left of his team start working more closely with Torchwood Central.

Torchwood Central will be moved to Cardiff. Why? The rift is in Cardiff so it will have the most Alien activity. And I am hoping they know about the whole "everything changes in the 21st century" things and such move to place where all the action is likely to go down.

So a bigger and better Torchwood headquarters will need to be build. Jack and his team still called Torchwood 3 will have their own office space (think NCIS) they work on separate cases and projects and occasionally get cases from the top.

The top off course thinks Jack is incompetent as a leader and as such they give T3 a new leader(Ianto?). They also assign some new members to the team.
Jack gets the position of expert in Alien/foreign/future tech and weapons
Ianto is a researcher, he logs the new tech found and is the communicator. All info between T3 and the top go through him.
Gwen let's make her liaison to the outside(police and other civilians). She takes care of certain human aspects.
They will need a new computer genius
And someone else who is a bit more battle trained.

A new medic is not important as HQ will have its own medical facility and a bigger morgue.

The conflict will off course be centered around Jack and his Alpha male attitude. He will hate the changes but will comply because the threat still stands about making him their enemy.
So there is a power struggle and a lot of resentment between him and the big boss and the new team leader.
Also conflict between Ianto and Jack, as Ianto fits in a little too well in HQ(it's a bit like Torchwood-London so off course)
Conflict between Ianto and Gwen because Ianto is better trained(and better looking) and as such gets more privileges than her. He basically becomes her superior on the job. She has trouble dealing with this but Ianto enjoys putting her in her place.
The new team member will consist of people that are also survivors from Canary Wharf and old friends/colleagues of Ianto's. They bond and Jack gets jealous.

I want character episodes that show how each of them deal with their new roles and how the deaths of Owen and Tosh have effected them.
Especially Ianto. Ianto is bit more fragile than the rest especially when it's about Torchwood related deaths.
I would love to see him deal with his own fears of dying young in torchwood and how he dealt with the traumatic images from the battle at Torchwood London.
I think his self destructiveness will get triggered. He will hate himself for always surviving and having to watch others die. He can bond with Jack over this. This self destructive streak can help bring out Evil-Ianto(alien storyline can easily be written into this).
Even if it doesn't the writers owe us a Evil-Ianto ep. He can be taken over by a parasite alien that takes control over your body. Or someone can get trapped in a alternate reality.

For Jack I would like to have at least one episode where his past catches up to him again(I never tire of this). A bad con. Or info locked in his mind, he has something the baddies need so they come after him and Ianto when they realize there is a relationship there.

For Gwen: I hate the Gwen character so no SL for her I guess. All I can think of is: Lets show more of how she tried to balance her life in Torchwood with her life with Rhys. Rhys wants children, but does she? Rhys wants her home more, but she loves her job too much. Rhys wants her safe and thus wants her to stop being a field agent, but can/will she give up Torchwood for the man she thinks she loves?

The New characters will I get a few of their own episodes as well. I want to explore their relationship with their job and how they integrate into this new team. How they deal with their hostile new team members.
In the end they will become a close knit team but watching them get there will be very entertaining.

Stories I need to see:
- Parasites that take over their human host, they are ruled by a sort of Queen bee. Kill the Queen and you get your humans back
-Alternate realities/time lines. Let the team deal with the what ifs. Each decision has a consequence lets explore that a bit(but only on the surface)
-Ianto takes the death of Owen and Tosh very hard and as such becomes a bit reckless, self destructive and maybe a bit suicidal.
-Jack gets trapped in a dream world, he ends up living his worst nightmare
-The team encounters a mafia-style group of aliens. They steal weapons and it is up to T3(and some assistance) to retrieve it and destroy the alien clan.
-Part of the team gets transported to another planet/time, and they fight to get back to their original time/place while the others also search for them.
-They come across a very dangerous alien. He has the ability to move and destroy things with a single thought. This Alien wreaks havoc on Cardiff and it's up to T3 to stop it by any means necessary.
-And of course with all the shit that comes through the rift, I'm surprised there has never been an outbreak of an alien disease.

2 spoke to me:

SciFiDrive said...

torchwood's ok I hope to see more of it soon.

Cynthia Blue said...

Hmm interesting opinions. Good ideas. I like Torchwood, but I was hoping that Jack would be more like he was on Doctor Who... he's still so sulky and dark. Torchwood is dark. I like DW better than TW... but will still watch TW. I'm interested to see who the new team members will be.

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