How to show your recent dropped ecards in a widget on blogspot

4 April 2008

There are numorous way to getting this widget but I took the easiest and (for me anyway) the most conveniet route. Here is a step by step for those who are curious.
Note: this is only for blogger accounts.

1. Go to your dashboard at
2. Go to your Layout page
3. In your blog layout choose "Add a page Element"
4. Out of the list pick "Feed" (see image)
5. Next you will see this window , this is where you enter the feed url of your entrecard inbox.
6. If you don't know where this is located -> go to your dashboard on
On top under the Help option there is a small feed logo right next your list of recent card-drops.. This logo is linked to your feed url. Copy the URL. This is the URL you need to past into this window
7. Click continue, the next step is customizing how you want the list to appear on you blog. Pick a title and choose how many items you want to appear on your widget. Click Save changes when you are done.
8. The last step is off course positioning the widget. I placed mine on top to give my droppers some extra exposure. Where you decide to display yours is up to you.

Note: There is one thing I hate about this method, I can only show 5 items max in the widget. I wanted to show more, but I guess my site lookes less crowded this way.

I hope this helps,

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Thomas said...

Thank you for this. I Stumbled it.

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