Entrecard debate: I am Pro choice, I choose life

22 April 2008

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Lee Doyle
Cynthia Blue

The only thing that bugs me here is the tactics that some the Pro life extremist use. In my honest opinion these people should be labeled as terrorists.
Killing people, blowing up clinics, standing in front of said clinics and throwing sharp objects at people who dare to enter these clinics.
I wanted to make that clear at first. Some one who is Pro life should not and can never Murder anyone who dares to against his/her beliefs. It's an oxymoron.

Having said that I will have to say I am Pro life and also Pro choice. Why?
Because I choose not to murder to child I carry.
I choose to bring this child into the world.
I choose to care for it and love in any an all ways within my capacity.
To me an abortion is the same is murder. I would not be able to live with myself if I knew I had taken a life. The blood would have forever been on my hands. But this is my choice. A choice I made for myself. A choice I can not make for any one else but me.

It is not my place or anyone elses to decide for me whether or not I am allowed to abort an unwanted pregnancy. I know myself and I know what I am capable of. The choice is mine and mine alone. Everyone else can either, accept, respect or just fuck the hell off!
Because what I decide to do with my own body is my own business. I do not deserve to be castigated for that.

It appalls me that there are people alive and living in a country that prides itself on its civil liberties, and these people want to dictate the lives of others.
A person should not be anti Pro choice.

Why all the controversy over a personal decision?
Because we don't know where a life begins. We don't know when it's officially murder. Does an unborn child less than 2 months old have a conscious?
Does it have rights? Can it be considered a separate entity than it's carrier? Does the carrier not have the right to decide whether or not it wants to carry?
Hard questions to which we do not know the answers to.

What's your stance and why?

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Lee Doyle said...

said in my post. I am pro life, I am prob one the people you dislike as I feel that the unborn child is alive. As I said I believe life starts when the heart beats.

I dont think its about "Does the child have rights" or "Is it murder" because that is laws which we make... Its more about morrals and what you believe (Nothing to do with religion in my case).

The baby has its heart beat at 22 days old. It should not also be about "What might be" as the baby can be! It can live, and it is a person.

Lee Doyle said...

Sorry about the spelling errors!

Shanti said...

I don't dislike pro lifers, only those who want to make the decision for others. I believe this is a private and personal decision a woman should make on her own. She should not be forced to put a child on this earth, nor should she be forced to remove it. Yes I am Pro life but because I choose to be. It's my choice and no one can take that from me. No one should be able to take that from me.

Cynthia Blue said...

Here is my post...

About the subject :)

Susan said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I never understood how anyone could claim to be pro life and then kill someone. Certainly seems like a contradiction to me.

Thanks for stating your opinion so clearly. I think I'll do the same thing!!!

Anonymous said...

When a baby is conceived, it's alive. When another human does something that causes the fetus to die, it's murder. There just isn't a grey area on that, by definition.

Shanti said...

I couldn't disagree with you more, there is always a gray area. This should be personal choice for the woman, you never know what prompted her to come to this decision.

I'll never be anti freedom of choice on anything. If we start now we'll never stop giving up our own liberties.

meleah rebeccah said...

Pro Choice all the way

"In my honest opinion these people should be labeled as terrorists."


MamaFlo said...

I agree with you Serenity.
I'm pro-choice.
Whatever I'm going to do about anything is MY CHOICE.
Pro-Choice does NOT mean Pro-Abortion.

I love it when a woman isn't afraid to stand up and talk about a topic that is so controversial.

Offbeat News said...

I am pro choice, because I truly believe what a woman does with her body is her business. I have taken into consideration as lee doyle says, "...the baby has its heart beat at 22 days old."

However, I think the point of contention is the rights of the living human being. The 22 day old could not survive outside of the womb, yet we seek govern the rights of a living being.

That's all I'm saying. It tears me both ways actually, but I have to stick with what already exists.

JHS said...


I used to say "Oh, I could never have an abortion, but wouldn't deny another woman that right." But my opinion changed over time as I matured, understood life more, etc. If you read Roe v. Wade, you will see that it is the most nonsensical, ill-conceived (no pun intended), ridiculous decision ever in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Potential life"? Disavow yourself of such a notion by studying the facts about when the child is perfectly formed, its organs are functional.

Life begins at conception. The child has rights, too, and I fully support prosecution of anyone who kills a pregnant woman for two deaths.

If I ever had any doubt, it was removed the day I went for a sonogram and saw my first child jumping around in my womb. That's a moment a woman never forgets.

The dr. told me I was somewhere between 10 weeks, 6 days and 11 weeks, 3 days along. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh, my God, I could never kill him."

Are there times when abortion is appropriately because the life of the mother is at stake? Yes. Then it should be a decision left to her, her physician, and spiritual adviser. That's a situation that no one should have to survive, so no one should have a right to second-guess her choice. But that's an extreme situation that occurs rarely in light of medical science's capabilities.

I appreciate that everyone is engaging in this discussion respectfully and in appreciation others' right to disagree.

Samsara said...


Just EC dropping on you and could not help notice the label as I scrolled down. I have the *abortion* label at my other blog. Nice to meet you! :)

Onto this topic: I dislike political pro-lifers. Personally, I do not care what a person is inside. That is their business. But politically, when any entity decides to get into my body for ANY reason or want to impose laws...it's a violation of God law.

It's a religious debate and my religion dicatates a non-objective morality. [ie, "We all must walk our path in accordance with our own conscience."]

It's that simple for me, Shanti - and I see we're of like minds on all of your comments as well.

An Entrecard Friend,

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