My very first laptop

22 May 2008

I finally caved in and bought a laptop. It's my very first laptop and I will be broke till next year now :(

But it was a much needed investment.

I am now trying to get used to the Widows vista and writing down all the things I will need to get.

I already bought a laptop case so on the list are:

-a mouse

-a network cable (5 meters long)

-an adapter

-anti virus software

-I am also bringing the laptop to the shop so they can split my hard drive into 2.

Since this is my very first laptop and I am such a clumsy chick I am
so scared of breaking it. I just know I will end up dropping it more
than once. So I hope this thing can sustain a beating.

Just in case you were wondering I bought a Toshiba A205 -????

It was a cheapie compared to the newer versions but it costs more than I make in a month so.

I do hope I can save up enough cash to buy a more advanced one next year, but until then I am happy.

It does all I need it to do. Which is allow me to write reports in Word
and make financial spread sheets for school in Excel. Not much more I
need at the moment.

I still do most of my work on my PC at home, but I am getting used to the laptop.

I can not yet give an accurate review of the thing as I am scared to touch it and do stuff with it.

But we will get to know each other better sooner rather than later as it will be tagging along with me to school.

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