numb myself

11 May 2008

i wish i could fade away into nothing. Disapear like i was never here.
Walk onto an open road and be taken by a speeding truck. I want to walk into the ocean and have the waves wash me away.
I imagine standing on the bottom looking up. I can see the blue and the sun. I stay where I am and all is still and I am numb. It's bliss.

No more screaming, no more pain, no more pressures and no more regret. No more trying, no more failing. I feel nothing, I just fade away.

Fading out of existence as quietly as I have lived.
I want it to end like that instead of this systematic destruction that I have to endure.
Some days are bright and I feel alive and then they come and take away the light.

I wish I could just numb myself
i pray that one i will find the strength to end my pain

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Aice Nice Concepts said...

very emotional poem you have here

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