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4 June 2008

Book coverImage via WikipediaI recently finished 3 Torchwood Audio books: Border Princes, Everyone says hello and Hidden.
Of all 3 books Hidden is my favorite.
Border Princes was a little incoherent to me. I had a hard time understanding the plot. There seemed to be so much going on at the same time. James was awesome I want to see him on the screen. The serial-G was anti-climatic. And the Amok useless.
It was a story about Torchwood and yet it seemed more like the story of James and Gwen.
There was hardly any Jack in it and even less of the others. Ianto was practically non-existent and Tosh almost as invisible.

Everyone says Hello was a little more entertaining and easier to follow. My only problems with it was the fact that the story was amazing and then they ended it like that. The ending totally ruined it for me. Even worse was the fact that the team was not exactly unified in this book. They were all doing their own thing and very much walking around like useless annoyances. Tosh and Ianto were again safely tucked away in the hub away from all the action.
What I loved about the book was the helplessness, it seemed like the whole world had gone nuts. People were dying, houses were burning and everybody was to busy saying hello to care.
There was little more Jack in this one and lot less of useless Gwen and the icing on the cake no stupid love life drama like in Border Princes.

The last book Hidden was my favorite, the plot was not as easy to follow as Everyone says hello but still it was a fun story.
It wasn't so much a sci-fi story but more a murder mystery. No aliens just scientists.
Jack spent most of the book locked in a cell, Ianto in the hospital and Tosh behind her computer. I swear they have no idea what to do with Ianto & Tosh.
The story mostly followed Owen and Gwen as they tried to prove Jack's innocence. The story kept me on the edge of my seat and seemed a bit drawn out(but the other 2 were worse). I was happy with the ending especially when they all went to visit Ianto in the hospital, because he seemed totally forgotten in the book.
I still have problems with the plot though. Who killed who? and more importantly why.
I'll have another listen maybe I'll get it. But it was the most exciting of the bunch.

In August if I can afford it I want to buy a few more Torchwood books. But I want more Ianto. There has to be at least one book where he actually does something. Any suggestions?

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