Dawn versus Xiaxue or just dumb and dumber

3 July 2008

This has to be one of the stupidest battles ever.
2 of the most popular asian bloggers are having a row. Each accusing the other of being slutty, stupid and fake. And off course questioning how pretty the other is without make up or photoshop. BTW I think Dawn is prettier, Xiaxue has big teeth.

I have a hard time these girls have the balls to accuse each other of stupidity while neither of the 2 has discovered spell check and or english grammar. If you can't type the language don't do it. It makes you look stupid.
And don't get me started on the pounds upon pounds of make up. The plastic surgery and the stupid bling.
Xiaxue blings up everything she looks like a tranny right now. Piercings all over the place and shiny extensions in her blonde fried hair. Her head looks like it's too big for her short body. She has absolutely no fashion sense and is probably the cheapest person on the planet.
Don't get me wrong Xiaxue loves to spend money. She shops like a 8 year girl. Her closet is filled with pink, short and frilly clothes.
Xiaxue girl, it's time to start dressing your age. Not your mental age, but your biological age.
Stop writing stupid meaningless rants about your boring life. And yes Kaykay is prettier than you.
Remove all that blonde crap from your head because it looks ugly. Xiaxue looked way better with darker hair.
Try to get someone to fix your teeth, maybe you can get them to fix them for free.
Trust me it's really needed.

And as for Dawn,
I have very little to say about this girl other than stop trying so hard. If Xiaxue wants to lie about you leave her be. People like her are always gonna be around. It's pure jealousy.
You don't have to place your acceptance letter to NYU on your blog. It's not her business whether or not you were accepted or not.
Just like it's not her business whether you have had work done or have an below average IQ.
I do hope you know what IQ mean. I truly do.
I also hope you do sue her ass(or lack there off)
You wont get much money, but it might shut her up for a while maybe(hopefully).
And Dawn dear please remove the stupid music from your blog. It annoys me to no end. And it's the reason I visit your blog but 2 times a year.
Well that, and the fact that I have no interest in your life.

I like you both to know that you 2 really do look like copies of each other. I don't know nor do I care who copied who.
You both sound stupid, fake and stuck up. Can't take criticism and need a better fashion sense. I don't care who is worse I just know the both of you need to improve.
Be better people. And please be less fake.

1 spoke to me:

Ms. Yummy~licious said...

hi! i stumbled upon yr blog thru roomie. Coincidently, my cousin was just telling me about dawn the other day. She said Dawn had gone thru plastic surgery but she denies it. I do not know what's the truth nor i am interested to know. and who's xiaxue? hmm...nvm, it's better not to know after reading yr post. :)

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