Another year older

30 August 2008

It's my birthday soon.
This year has gone buy so quickly, it seems like I started school just a short while ago. It's weird that 12 months pass by without you really noticing.
Maybe it's because my life is so boring. Nothing exciting ever happens to me. I go to work, go to school, go home and sleep. Every day the same thing. Nothing note worthy ever happens. I don't even have plans for my birthday. I'll probably just take a day off and sleep in. Or go shopping for something fun. But I don't have any money :(. That's what I hate about my birthday in September. It's the month I have to pay my school tuition so it's the month that I am usually broke. So no party. And what makes it worse, it's also the month that of many of my friends and relatives are abroad. Which off course means I get a lot of belated birthday gifts.
I'm turning 21 this year, yep getting old. I miss my teenage years.
When 21 I'm gonna have more fun, be less serious :).
Try to enjoy what I'm doing more.
That's gonna be my new motto: If it's not fun don't do it

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