Need new hair

6 August 2008

I'm tired of my hair, I want to try a new color.
A while back I tried red. The color suited me although some parts turned out orange hehe. But it was cool.
I want to try that once more.
Some subtle red streaks. Or just a red all over rinse that only shows in the sun.
I still have to decide. I know I don't want a dark red like Bordeaux, I want something orange red.
I have been deciding on a color for forever now and right I am sure. Now I just have decide on a brand and a colorist. I have heard too many horror stories from friends who got some color put in and ended up having to cut off a few inches due to breakage and dryness.

I like my length right now and last thing I want to do is have to choose a new cut.

Though I have been eying the chic suri-bob. I've seen a few girls with it at school. Most of them jazz it up with some color. Mixing up blonde with reds.
And even some were brave enough to try the asymmetrical bob.

Decisions, decisions...

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