Britney and the VMA's

8 September 2008

I know some of you are very angry that Britney Spears won so many awards last night, for a song that wasn't even that popular, but I have to admit I' happy for her.
I never understood how she constantly lost in a fan voted competition. Britney in her heyday was one of the most popular artists on MTV and yet she never received an award. I always thought that was weird.
And now she actually gets not one but 3 moon men to take home with her. I'm happy for her.
She deserved those awards
Even if some of you think that "Piece of me" was not award worthy she deserved those awards because her previous work and performances have made her into a MTV icon. She deserves a special award for her previous note worthy and definitely talked about performances.

And "Piece of me" was some of her best work. The video was fun, though not noteworthy, but the song was amazing. I love it. And it is a good representation of 2007*2008. Why?
Because Britney and the paps WERE headline news, so a song about all that shit is the proper vid to represent such a turbulent year.

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