The right to choose, I have it

5 September 2008

Those fucking pro-lifers, that's not the correct term now is it. It should be "anti-abortionists". These people have no respect for life, freedom, rights, right and wrong and their fellow human beings.
What I do with my body is my decision and if I allow the decision of my immediate friends, family or the father of my unborn child. But ultimately it is my decision and mine alone.
Who are you to tell me that I am wrong?
Who are you to decide for me how I should live my life?
I don't interfere in yours so stay the fuck out of mine. Simple as that.

Stupid anti-abortionist, standing in front of clinics holding their boards and blowing up people. You can't be pro-life if you are willing to resort to such violence and think you have the right to keep others from living their life the way they choose to live it.
As an outsider you do not and can never really understand the why, and that's ok because you don't have to. It's my business not yours.

And for the guys that troll around screaming that they should have a say, let me tell you something fella's if you have proven yourself worthy, you will have a say. But if this woman has even the smallest doubt you will want to and be able to help her in the way she knows she needs it then no you do not have a say in it.
It's her body and her life will change the most and if you can't handle that go find yourselves another woman.

Why this rant? No I am not pregnant, just angry because I recently picked up the newspaper and was greeted to a picture of a protest. Those annoying anti-abortionist holding up signs and calling people killers and what not.
It's sickening. Why is it always the stupid people are always the loudest and the most in your face with their stupidity?
It's like they feel so threatened by people with actual sense that they put in all their effort to keep them from getting ahead. They are so scared to be left behind it seems. So they are pulling all the stops to bend you to their ways.
It's just sickening.

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